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The Amethyst Healthcard links to your existing bank account and helps you maximize all of your care-related payments, but you are always in complete control of your funds!

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We Take Care of Everything

Your Amethyst membership is personally supported by our Care Advocates. Give us a call. Our goal is to save you time and money—and help you get the medical treatments you need. We are here for you.

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Get Huge Savings On Healthcare

Access our nationwide savings networks and save on prescriptions, doctor services, and medical equipment. Discounts range from 6% to 62% and, thanks to our 24/7 online portal, you have complete price transparency allowing you to stretch your funds.

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Never worry about your settlement

Use Amethyst seamlessly by linking it to your current bank account. You maintain total control of your funds and treatment at all times. Our portal tracks your daily balances and expenses providing you full transparency into your health care spend. If you have a Medicare Set-Aside account, Amethyst prepares your reporting for you!

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We are using technology to simplify and assist in managing your healthcare experience. Our online portal not only provides insight into your transaction history, but also provides advanced trending, allowing you to monitor your spend over time.

Our revolutionary portal allows you to select the option which best fits your needs. Linking your bank account to the Amethyst platform, allows you to maintain complete control of your funds, while ensuring a seamless transaction process.

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With Amethyst you have the ability to sync your bank account to our transaction and claims management platform. Amethyst is designed to allow you to retain complete control of your funds, while ensuring a seamless process for both the member and facility providing services.

The Amethyst platform functions very similarly to a clearing house, by managing transactions, funds and ensuring funds are available to support charges in question.

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product comparison

Max discounts & guaranteed MSA compliance
with a professionally-managed account

*Contact our team for a quote
  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • 100% MSA compliance
  • Fully automated reports & submission
  • 28% Drug discounts
  • 28% Provider discounts
  • CareGuard sets up a dedicated bank account for you and acts as custodian

Get discounts & support with MSA reports pre-filled with data from your own bank account


$125/year | $1,000 lifetime
  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • Pre-filled MSA reports
  • Pre-filled reports requiring manual submission
  • 21% Drug discounts
  • 21% Provider discounts
  • Funds remain in your own bank account which is linked to Amethyst

Ensuring injured parties have insight into the actual pricing of treatments during settlement

  • Quick quotes for prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and home healthcare
  • Shows post settlement savings (Ametros’ platforms vs self-pay rates)
  • Can be used in all personal injury, workers’ compensation and liability cases



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